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Have you ever walked into a corporate building or business door and the door just opens for you automatically? Are you a business owner who also wants that kind of advanced technology for your commercial building or space? Automatic doors are popular among different industrial and commercial establishments to enable easy entry and exit to a building, and provides a wide range of benefits for a business.

One of the main benefits that come with having an automatic door with your business is the convenience that comes with it. With the automation of these electric doors, people are allowed to pass through the door without having to carry the burden of manually opening a heavy door, which could make them feel that you don’t want to let them enter. Having an automatic door flips that narrative and makes your customers feel welcomed the moment they step foot in your business’ premises. This is also very effective in solving accessibility issues, as people with disabilities are able to enter the building without the added complications.

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Not only do automatic doors bring convenience and the feeling of being welcomed to your customers, but it also an efficient way to save space, making it the perfect choice especially for businesses that are operating in smaller locations. Single sliding and telescoping sliding doors are available for businesses at these locations, and there are a lot more options that you can choose from so that you can ensure you are utilizing your space to the maximum.

Management of security is also one of the benefits you can get with getting automatic doors. Security personnel have the ability to easily control the doors to your business space remotely, and they can grant access to selective traffic or deactivate the door whenever necessary. Most automatic doors utilize a locking system which gives the user more control over their automatic door, increasing security and giving you that peace of mind that your place can be as secure as it possibly can.

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The automatic door services we offer here at Sherlock Locksmith are manufactured to the most competitive standards for quality and safety, and when paired with the expertise and dedication of our highly-skilled and fully qualified technicians, you can be assured that your automatic door will work flawlessly.

With a wide spectrum of styles and systems to choose from for your business, such as swing doors and sliding doors, you have the freedom to pick an automatic door system that will fit the needs of your business exactly. From full operators to replacement sensors, our team of expert locksmith technicians at Sherlock Locksmith are able to provide the highest quality solutions using the best quality products in the market.


Automatic doors have been rising to be a popular choice for many commercial and industrial businesses due to their convenience and ease of operation. They have been giving leeway for ease of entry when passing through the doors of shopping centres, medical centres, and train stations, among many others. Sometimes, it can even be considered magic, as all we have to do is walk up to the door and then it opens for us immediately. However, how does this process work?

The operation of automatic doors are made possible by utilizing a range of sensors which can detect a lot of factors such as sound, light, weight, and motion. The different combinations of these sensors are useful to different environments in which the automatic door will be used for. Some doors use weight sensors to detect when a person is stepping on an indicator disguised as a rubber mat in front of the door. Another popular method of using sensors for automatic doors is the use of motion sensors, which detect movement around the door and sends a signal to the doors to open whenever the sensor detects movement.

Once these types of sensors are triggered, a message is passed to an electronic drivetrain that is connected to the sensor itself, and this drive train is largely responsible for the actual opening and closing mechanism of your automatic doors. This drive train is attached to the automatic doors, and a cog wheel connected by rubber wheels is responsible for controlling the motion of the door. These locking mechanisms work together in perfect harmony to provide the smooth experience of an opening automatic door, and ensures that the doors respond whenever someone wants to pass through.

Automatic Doors on Emergency Situations

When it comes to emergency situations where you need to evacuate safely and quickly, automatic doors can be extremely beneficial for safe exit. As they can act as fire exit doors, integrating the automatic door system into a fire exit strategy is a wise choice to ensure that your business is safe at all times, while complying with fire exit regulations. With the ability to be controlled remotely, the doors can be set to be held open so that people have the ability to exit the building with ease, without the burden of the door opening and closing repeatedly as people make their way out. At the same time, automatic doors can also be controlled remotely to automatically close whenever needed in order to prevent people from entering the building which might be in a state of danger. This strategy can be applied to limit the access to areas within the building where a fire may have ignited, and prevent the spread as well. An option to install fire rated doors are also available to help protect your business premises from further fire damage and lessen the risks of injury to its inhabitants. If you don’t know yet what automatic door suits your business the best, an automated electric door opener system can be sub grouped into the following categories:
  • Sensor Electric Door Opener
    This type of automatic door, as its name implies, utilizes a sensor to open or close the door. Most doors of this type utilize infrared-motion sensors, which detect infrared energy that is emitted by the human body once someone is nearing the automatic door.
  • Touch Electric Door
    In touch electric doors, it is required for a person who plans on entering the building to press the switch or panel on the frame or close to the door. With this, all the person needs to do is to press the switch and the door opens itself.
  • Remote Control Electric Door
    Remote Control Electric doors, as its name implies, makes use of a remote control in order to automatically operate the door. As a remote control is being used, one can simply press the button of the remote control and a transmission between the remote device and the receiver on the door will occur. Once this happens, the door automatically opens and people are then allowed to enter the building. In some cases, though, the door might experience a bit of delay before closing, or the person with the remote has to keep pressing the button to keep it open until the person has come through.

If you want to take your security up a notch by availing automatic doors for your commercial or industrial space, you can rely on our team of dependable, highly trained and skilled locksmith technicians to do the job for you! Here at Sherlock locksmith, we strive to give our customers the best security experience possible. Be a part of our community of satisfied clients today and dial 817-438-1962 to avail the services that you desire!



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It is in your best interest to change your locks, especially after purchasing from a private seller you do not know. Doing this is a great way in order to significantly lessen the chances of your car being burglarized by someone holding a copy of the keys to your car. We at Sherlock Locksmith can cater to all your needs with our high-quality, top-notch services!


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Rekeying car keys is possible when we're talking about automotive locksmiths. Choosing to rekey your locks allows you to reconfigure your locks to be a different combination, which will work on the new keys. Unsure if a car door lock rekey service is applicable to you? Consult us now!



When you are looking to get a car key replacement for your transponder key, it has to include a key that has been cut in the appropriate manner, and a new chip that is programmed correctly. Fortunately, our team of experienced auto locksmiths at Sherlock Locksmith can take care of that for you!


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