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Your locks are the main stars of your security system. It protects your home and family from unsightly intruders planning to breach their way into your property and take your stuff, and it gives you that peace of mind knowing that your home is a secure place where you can unwind and relax.

Sherlock Locksmith offers fast, efficient, and budget-friendly lock installation services to help you uphold your home’s security whenever you choose to buy a new door, or just want new locks added to your existing ones for that extra security. Whatever the reason may be, our team of experienced and highly skilled locksmiths are always ready and available around the clock to cater to your lock installation needs.

Locksmith install the door lock in house.


In picking the right lock, it is best that you procure a lock that fits your preferences and home’s needs well. Our expert locksmiths have extensive knowledge in the wide varieties of locks and security features, so if you don’t know what lock in particular fits your home, Sherlock Locksmith can suggest the best locks for your needs while keeping the rates affordable. We carry and install only the highest quality locks made by brands that are leading in the industry. Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, Corbin Russwin, Mul-T-Lock, you name it; whatever brand you have in mind, we got it.

Are you in need of a reliable lock installation service that is tailored to your needs? We at Sherlock Locksmith can provide just that for you! Contact us today at 817-438-1962 and experience our dependable lock installation services, or to arrange a free-of-charge security inspection with our security experts.

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We take pride in providing the highest quality lock installation service to our clients with guaranteed maximum customer satisfaction. With extensive experience and knowledge to back us up, you can rest assured that we can work on any type of door and lock. We offer home lock installations for front and rear exterior doors, interior doors, and cabinets and mailboxes. Our skilled technicians can also install any kind of lock with ease and precision, including deadbolt locks, high security locks, knob levers, electronic smart locks, lever handle locks, mortise locks, and cabinet locks, among many others. Our extensive collection of locks boast a wide variety of styles, functions, and finishes so that we can ensure we install a lock that the customer chose. The result is a secure home with locks that fit your style and needs.

When you choose Sherlock Locksmith, you choose quality. Our high quality services have a ton of benefits in store for our beloved customers, so that they can get maximum satisfaction every single time. Here are some of the benefits you can take advantage of by putting your trust in Sherlock Locksmith:

  • Fast and efficient lock installation services handled by our team of highly skilled and experienced locksmith technicians
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of installing traditional and electronic locks, including deadbolts, smart locks, cylindrical locks, mortise locks, magnetic locks, cabinet locks, fingerprint biometric locks, and more
  • Our team of locksmiths are well-versed in working with the products that are made wit high-quality standards in the market to ensure your property gets the level of security it deserves
  • Maximum customer satisfaction from the moment you give us a call until our skilled technicians leave your residence.

What are you waiting for? Call us now at 817-438-1962 to experience Sherlock Locksmith’s incredible lock installation services!



If you find yourself looking for a basic key replacement for your car, or even a complex key program for your car key replacement needs, then you're at the right place! Here at Sherlock Locksmith, we have dedicated ourselves into helping our clients find the professional key replacement they need and do it as efficiently and quickly as possible.


Are you in a car lockout situation where only a professional automotive locksmith service provider can cater to your needs? Don't look any further; we at Sherlock Locksmith are more than ready to assist you in regaining access to your car! We offer state-of-the-art, competitive, high-quality automotive locksmith services for affordable and reasonable rates.


It is in your best interest to change your locks, especially after purchasing from a private seller you do not know. Doing this is a great way in order to significantly lessen the chances of your car being burglarized by someone holding a copy of the keys to your car. We at Sherlock Locksmith can cater to all your needs with our high-quality, top-notch services!


Need your ignition cylinders rekeyed? Give us a call at 817-438-1962. Sherlock Locksmith & Security composed of a team of highly skilled and well-trained technicians can do the work efficiently, skillfully, and precisely; and we believe that kind of service is what you deserve.


When it comes to cutting car keys, you'll need a great many things at your arsenal in order to get by. You can simply call on our team of reliable, knowledgeable, and highly-skilled locksmiths at Sherlock Locksmith with these things in order to do the job for you!


Rekeying car keys is possible when we're talking about automotive locksmiths. Choosing to rekey your locks allows you to reconfigure your locks to be a different combination, which will work on the new keys. Unsure if a car door lock rekey service is applicable to you? Consult us now!



When you are looking to get a car key replacement for your transponder key, it has to include a key that has been cut in the appropriate manner, and a new chip that is programmed correctly. Fortunately, our team of experienced auto locksmiths at Sherlock Locksmith can take care of that for you!


Can't unlock your car door? It's not a problem anymore when you avail our high-quality Car Unlocking Services here at Sherlock Locksmith! We take pride in having specialized locksmith technicians with the brains, brawn, skill, and experience to help you get back to your locked car, regardless of what the circumstances may be.




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