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Tired of having to struggle with worrying if any random person can access even the most restricted parts of your office or commercial space? Are you planning to switch to a master key system? Don’t fret, we at Sherlock Locksmith are the right fit for all of your Master Key System needs!

When it comes to the word “security,” keys are always the first thing that comes to mind. As a business owner, you might think of the following questions when it comes to the distribution of keys in your business:

  • How many keys do I need?
  • How will I manage the distribution of the keys?
  • Should all my employees access all areas of the commercial building?
  • What are my security risks with the keys?

These four questions are commonly pondered by property managers, landlords, business owners, body corporates, and generally anyone who is working in the commercial business when it comes to assessing the security of their commercial spaces.

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As a business owner, you might ask, what is a master key system and what goes in it? Simply put, a master key system comprises a hierarchy of keys and locks, as well as lock cylinders that allow different groups of key holders to access specifically designated parts of your commercial building. It can be as limited as accessing only a few spaces, or it could go so far as to being a master key for the entire building.

Master keyed locks are designed to be opened only by certain individual keys from those aforementioned groups, but can also be accessed with the use of a master key that has full access control over the entirety of your commercial building. This system is one of the most effective when it comes to managing your business’ security. If you ever find yourself looking for a trusted, insured, and bonded locksmith service that offers nothing less of high quality, Sherlock locksmith is just one phone call away.


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As a business owner, having a master key system is extremely beneficial. There are a lot of benefits to integrating a master key system into your business, however, the most crucial one is that you have full control over what areas of the commercial building your employees are able to access, making appropriate people access certain parts of the building.

Other residential options to go with your Master Key System include LED peephole viewers, gate access control, and locks that use biometric information. When it comes to owning a home, your home should always be protected from unwanted break-ins and people waltzing randomly into your home. That’s why an affordable access control system, paired with a fully functional surveillance system is the best combination to ensure the same of your home, its properties, and your loved ones. Other than this, there are more benefits such as:

  • The usage of a master key system integrates security key blanks that can only be copied from the Locksmith Company that designed the system.
  • The locks are far more secure and safe as restricted, selective key-way systems minimize accidental opening using other keys.
  • The dynamic capabilities of a master key adapts to the growing scale of your business or organization.
  • Maintenance and records of keys are easier to keep and maintain, eliminating the possibility of unauthorized key duplication.

At Sherlock Locksmith, we understand that you might have these issues in repeated periods of time, forcing you to face the same complex issues all over again. Save yourself from the burden of having repeated security issues; avail Sherlock Locksmith’s high quality, professional Master Key Creation services now! Call us at 817-438-1962.



If you find yourself looking for a basic key replacement for your car, or even a complex key program for your car key replacement needs, then you're at the right place! Here at Sherlock Locksmith, we have dedicated ourselves into helping our clients find the professional key replacement they need and do it as efficiently and quickly as possible.


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It is in your best interest to change your locks, especially after purchasing from a private seller you do not know. Doing this is a great way in order to significantly lessen the chances of your car being burglarized by someone holding a copy of the keys to your car. We at Sherlock Locksmith can cater to all your needs with our high-quality, top-notch services!


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Rekeying car keys is possible when we're talking about automotive locksmiths. Choosing to rekey your locks allows you to reconfigure your locks to be a different combination, which will work on the new keys. Unsure if a car door lock rekey service is applicable to you? Consult us now!



When you are looking to get a car key replacement for your transponder key, it has to include a key that has been cut in the appropriate manner, and a new chip that is programmed correctly. Fortunately, our team of experienced auto locksmiths at Sherlock Locksmith can take care of that for you!


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